Our Story
1935 In 1935, Refai’s son, Mustafa, at the age of 11 years old, 
wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. His father meticulously taught him the fundamentals of his business. With much loyalty and determination, Mustafa helped his father operate the family business.
Today Through the years the company has continued it’s steady growth.
Now, with four retail stores, its head office and warehouse plus ... This growth is due in part to quality products, new business relationships, 
skilled and professional employees, the loyalty of their customers and most of all the 
willpower and determination of four generations of young people fully dedicated to their 
family business and to their customer’s satisfaction.
1990 In 1990, in addition to an already successful store, 
the opening a warehouse allowed them to purchase merchandise in larger quantities and sell their produce at competitive prices. They searched for the perfect location, strong demand and the increasing number of new customers led them to expand their warehouse to 70,000 sq.ft.
1910 It all began back in 1910 in Beirut, Lebanon. Refai Al Asmar then only 17 years old had a dream. As some of the land was reclaimable for agriculture, Refai decided to grow several different crops resulting in successful harvests of fruits and vegetables. He created a small outdoor stand at a public market and began to sell his fresh produce to the local community.
1956 In 1956, Mustafa’s son, Sami Al Asmar, continued the legacy of his father and grandfather. Sami however had greater goals for himself. He made the decision to part from his family and set out for Canada to broaden 
his horizons and pursue his dream.
1973 Upon arriving in Canada 
in 1973, Sami immediately opened a small outdoor fruits and vegetables stand at the Jean-Talon Market. 
With Sami’s perseverance and determination, the small stand soon became a 600 sq.ft. store and in a short period
of time, developed into 
an 8,000 sq.ft. store.
1981 In 1981, the tradition passed on from father to son once again. Sami resolved to teach his son, Sami Taleb Jr. the ins and outs of the fruits and vegetable business. Though still a student at the time, Sami Taleb Jr., would go to the store on weekends to learn all there is to know about the business. Sami Taleb Jr. grew to appreciate the industry. He soon joined forces with his father and contributed all his efforts and enabled the business to grow on an even larger scale.
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